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International Green Structures (IGS) offers innovative structures and services that provide the solution to the global housing crisis.

Whether you are a developer or contractor, a non-profit organization or a governing body of a developing market — when it comes to construction, budgets are tight and resources limited. IGS offers a more efficient and healthier way to build. When produced in country, IGStructures provide the potential to revitalize local economy through additional agricultural revenue and manufacturing jobs. IGS building systems are ideal solutions for:

  • Global Emerging Development Markets
  • Affordable Housing Expansion
  • Post-Disaster Recovery
  • Long-Term Exploration Projects (oil, gas & mining)
  • Military Housing
  • Agri-Business Economic Development
  • Local Manufacturing Expansion

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Our Product

From soil to structure, IGS provides sustainable, durable and affordable building solutions.

With an ever expanding population, limited natural resources and a fragile global economy, the need for sustainable and affordable housing is greater than ever. International Green Structures (IGS) develops durable panels when paired with a pre-engineered steel frame offer an alternative to traditional block & concrete, wood-based materials. Our flexible construction technology is easily expandable and will accommodate a variety of sizes and designs – from residential housing to commercial and institutional structures. IGStructures can be shipped anywhere globally and are easily assembled within days. All of our solutions meet national and international building codes.


More than 50 million acres of wheat and rice are planted annually in the United States alone. IGS panels are made from straw, a wasteful byproduct of wheat and rice crops that has no potential for fuel or food. Our straw panels are USDA Bio-Preferred and meet 2008 Farm Act bio-based procurement requirements. In addition, harvesting straw promotes no-till farming and has a low carbon footprint. Read more on this topic at the U.S. General Services Administration (“GSA”) website.


IGStructures can be easily packaged and shipped on common flatbed carriers, reducing transportation costs. Globally, they can be shipped anywhere in the world and assembled within days. Training is provided on the structural installations of all our systems, and our solutions easily expand to accommodate any size or design.


The straw is upcycled into a Compressed Agricultural Fiber (CAF) board, producing a strong, natural fiber alternative. Not only are CAF Boards durable, they have excellent thermal and sound attenuating properties.

  • fire, water and mold resistant
  • termite and pest resistant (borate may be added to the panels during the construction process, no protein in straw)


IGStructures can be assembled and under roof in a few days, significantly reducing installation time and expenses. In addition to lower operating costs, IGStructures convert agricultural straw waste into commerce. Our raw materials create a “second-cash” crop incentive for local farmers that drive larger grain harvests, increased revenues and more jobs. With an in-country manufacturing facility, IGS impacts hundreds of jobs across many sectors impacted from the development of communities built with IGStructures. Training and utilizing local labor forces will immediately stimulate the local economy and strengthen the housing market.

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