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International Green Structures (IGS) offers innovative structures and services that provide the solution to the global housing crisis. To meet this need, IGS takes a renewable resource to manufacture Compressed Agriculture Fiber (CAF) Panels and combines them with our pre-engineered framing system, resulting in IGStructures.

better-arrow-iconThe first rule of sustainability is to align
with natural forces, or at least
not try to defy them.
Paul Hawken

Temporary or permanent, IGStructures are durable, affordable and can be built significantly faster than traditional building methods. They are culturally adaptable and ideal for homes, schools, healthcare facilities, large-scale accommodations, remote worker sites and humanitarian needs. With an in-country manufacturing facility, IGS offers a sustainable economic model to emerging nations, which provides jobs in the harvesting, transportation, manufacturing and construction sectors, utilizing up to 95% local labor. IGS has successfully built affordable IGStructures in Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, Guatemala, El Salvador, Vanuatu and the United States.

IGStructures are:

  • strong
  • non-toxic
  • carbon-negative
  • mold and pest resistant
  • 100% organic

Visit our Products page to learn more about how you can integrate our sustainable building systems into your next project. We have an excellent line of designs which help you build affordable houses, schools and healthcare facilities within days.Let us show you how easy it is! We’d like to discuss any project ideas you have, so please contact us!


International Green Structures (IGS) offers quality products, green manufacturing technologies and innovative solutions which positively impact global housing needs. We are passionate about improving the livelihood, health, ecosystem and sustainability of our planet, people and the growth of our company.


IGS is striving to be the global leader of Sustainable Housing Solutions

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