|  August 17, 2016

IGS Manufacturing Kenya Exports First Order to India

Stevensville, MD – 17 August 2016 International Green Structures (“IGS”) has fulfilled the first of three orders from the Viva Group (“Viva”) located in Mumbai, India. In March of this year IGS, VIVA and Capital Financial Strategies LLC dba Interlink Capital Strategies (“Interlink”) signed an MOU to initiate a Partnership, which allows significant market penetration of IGS products into India. This initial purchase provides Viva the materials to complete necessary research and development regarding the use of the sustainable building product in affordable housing and commercial buildings in India.

The plan was to ship the building materials from IGS’s Worldwide Manufacturing Facility in Whitewright, TX, however after Viva visited the facility in Kenya, it became apparent it would be more cost effective and a shorter delivery time to ship the materials from the newly constructed manufacturing facility in Thika Kenya. Local manufacturing of the IGS technology will allow Viva to impact the affordable housing market in India.

A representative from the Viva Group stated they are very excited regarding the use of this alternative building product in India. “With our focus on constructing residential complexes for first home owners and lower income groups this solution will allow us to build quicker to meet the need without impacting quality of the structures or the aesthetics for the houses. We have constructed more than 8,000 homes to date and have an additional 1,500 slated for completion by 2017. So we are always looking at ways to build more efficiently constructively, cost effectively while maintaining our high level of standards. By working with the IGS technology and materials we are able to meet these objectives.”

“The IGS partnership with The Viva Group is paramount to gaining acceptance in India and on another continent. Their standing as one of the largest land owners in Mumbai, along with their development capabilities allows IGS to move much closer to realizing our 10 x 2020 plan, which is 10 – IGS Manufacturing facilities by the end of 2020 and obtaining our vision of becoming the Global Leader of Sustainable Housing Solutions.” said Richard China, IGS Chief Executive Officer. IGS currently has two Manufacturing Facilities one in Whitewright, Texas and the other in Thika, Kenya.


International Green Structures (IGS) offers affordable building solutions for the global housing crisis. IGS has successfully built affordable IGStructures in the US, Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda, and Vanuatu. IGS is headquartered in Stevensville, MD, manufactures and exports from Whitewright, Texas and just completed its first African Manufacturing Facility in Thika, Kenya. Learn more: www.IGStructures.com



Viva Group is a multifaceted business conglomerate and one of the most respected and vertically integrated companies in India. Combining experience with business verve and imaginative thinking, the company has taken huge steps in retail, logistics, media, education, hospitality and other portfolios to stand shoulder-to shoulder with the biggest names in the these verticals.

For more information, please contact Marjorie Cota at mcota@IGStructures.com

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