|  March 21, 2017

International Green Structures (IGS) Acquires stramit USA’s Interest in IGSM-W

Purchase Makes IGS the Sole Shareholder of IGS Manufacturing Worldwide (IGSM-W)

STEVENSVILLE, MD- 16 March 2017 In January 2015, IGS and IGS Manufacturing Worldwide formed IGSM-W, the investment gave IGS 51% ownership of the only CAF Manufacturing Facility in the USA. Shortly thereafter, in a move to reduce production costs, the facility was relocated from Ft. Worth to Whitewright, TX. IGS finalized the acquisition of IGS Manufacturing Worldwide’s interest for an undisclosed sum, making IGS sole shareholder of IGSM-W.

IGS is now positioned as the market leader in manufacturing green, affordable building solutions and poised to impact the global housing crisis. IGS will continue to prove their total economic mode positively impacts a country with jobs, housing and the secondary items to support it. “The final phase of this deal allows IGS to complete our strategy of IGS being; 1) the product manufacturer, 2) the technology provider and 3) the solution provider. We are excited and committed to growing globally with our IGS Manufacturing Facilities and now possess the expertise and global relationships which allow us to scale the business significantly and reach our vision of 10 manufacturing facilities around the world by the end of 2020,” states Richard China, the President and CEO of IGS.

IGS is currently working with companies in India, Colombia, Chile and Guatemala to penetrate the housing market with IGStructures, which are pre-engineered houses, schools and healthcare clinics, the Company is also introducing its IGStructures and building materials in Pakistan and Egypt.


International Green Structures (IGS) offers affordable building solutions for the global housing crisis. IGS has successfully built affordable IGStructures in the US, Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda, Guatemala and Vanuatu. IGS is headquartered in Stevensville, MD, manufactures and exports from Whitewright, Texas and from IGS Manufacturing Kenya located in Thika, Kenya. Learn more: www.IGStructures.com

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