|  June 20, 2017

International Green Structures Licensee IGS Chile Visits US IGS

IGS Chile visits IGS Manufacturing Worldwide in Texas and the Chilean Embassy in Washington, DC for continued education and to share their strategy.

WHITETWRIGHT, TX and WASHINGTON, D.C- May 16-18th, 2017 Maryland based International Green Structures (“IGS”) and Licensee IGS Chile met in Whitewright,Texas to see the manufacturing facility and work with the IGS Technology. Raúl Quezada (Executive Vice President IGS Chile), and Fabián Azzari (Project Manager IGS Chile) spent time with IGS Manufacturing Worldwide General Manager Mark Doyle and Jerry Maisel, Operations Manager reviewing the manufacturing process for the Compressed Agricultural Fiber (CAF) Panels and components of the IGStructures. They also assembled a small model complete with door and window openings in an afternoon. This hands on visit to the IGS Manufacturing Facility was critical to increase the understanding of the product and to enhance their ability and vision to see how the IGStructures are assembled.

The team then traveled to MD and DC where they visited the Chilean Embassy in Washington, DC. The purpose of the meeting was to introduce IGS and share IGS’s affordable building solutions and strategy to help meet the housing demand in Chile, and to create a business relationship with national entities in Chile.

Participating in the meeting at the Embassy of Chile was IGS representative Marjorie Cota (Chief Marketing Officer IGS), Raúl Quezada (Executive Vice President IGS Chile), First Secretary Felipe Allard, First Secretary Annemarie Duncker, Fabián Azzari (Project Manager IGS Chile) and Puneet Ahlwalia Government Relations and Austin Gardner (Project Manager IGS).



International Green Structures (IGS) offers affordable building solutions for the global housing crisis. IGS has successfully built affordable IGStructures in the US, Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda, Guatemala and Vanuatu. IGS is headquartered in Stevensville, MD, manufactures and exports from Whitewright, Texas and from IGS Manufacturing Facility located in Thika, Kenya. Learn more: www.IGStructures.com



Focused on delivering world-class value-added technologies in Chile. IGS Chile is currently maximizing its efforts to obtain approval for the IGS Technology and IGStructures to market and impact the affordable housing with sustainable building materials. IGS Chile’s goal after gaining market adoption is to build the market to build an IGS Manufacturing Facility in Chile and produce its own sustainable building products Learn more: www.IGS-Chile.com

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