|  August 9, 2017

International Green Structures Manufacturing Kenya (IGSM-K) Completes Housing Project For Big Rhino Children’s Community (BRCC)

Big Rhino Children’s Community provides a safe and positive environment for some of Kenya’s orphans

July 2017 – Nairobi, Kenya  Jan Carmony, an American has lived in Kenya for years, is a golfer and knows Kenya and her people well. She has been chiseling away for some years now to raise money and improve the lives of many children, both boys and girls who started life in the worst possible circumstances as orphans. She has built a team around her, who are putting together a project which will make a huge difference to these children.

Her support team is varied from her golf caddy, Geoffrey Kiiru, who was born and brought up in the Mathare slums in Nairobi, Kenya by his mother, who could barely put food on the table muchless pay school fees, to several groups of well-wishers, one in the USA, who have donated. In fact, the latter donated to purchase land, after it was determined Geoffrey’s land could grow food but wasn’t suitable for construction of a home for the kids.

Geoffrey is a young man with a big heart. His passion and dedication to improving the welfare of orphaned and vulnerable children, inspired him to start the Big Rhino Children’s Community with Jan as his mentor. This will provide a safe and enabling environment for these children to realize their potential through education and sports.

In his struggle to improve himself, Geoffrey started in the golfing world as a caddy. During this period, he met some donors including Jan who started to mentor Geoffrey developing his talent and skills. There were some 60 – 80 children who came under their care through the Big Rhino Children’s Community which Geoffrey and a few friends founded. Principally since that time, Jan has raised sufficient funds from other generous donors to pay school fees for the kids and secure and build an orphanage, which will provide for the children’s future going forward.

The orphanage was completed and handed over on the 15th of May 2017 by IGS Manufacturing Kenya near a place called Nyahururu.

Seventy-nine boys and girls moved into their new home for the first time on the opening day. This home was furnished with bunk beds, new mattresses and blankets, complete with a kitchen and bathrooms with toilets and showers with hot water. It was an exciting day for the children, as they giggled and laughed at a drone flying overhead documenting the momentous occasion of the commissioning of two houses and administration office.

Jan Carmony, who came to Kenya in the 1970s from the US to plan safaris, was instrumental in the coordination and development of the project. She is so proud of the children, ranging in age 6 to 18, knowing a safe and healthy environment will allow them to succeed in the future. “Many of the children make A’s and B’s in school. These are street kids who had no hope, they needed food, uniforms, school fees and a family to go to the top of the class. They dream of becoming doctors and lawyers, to take care of and protect children’s rights, engineers to build Kenya and farmers to feed Kenya, because they know the problems first hand. With the progress of BRCC, schooling and houses to grow up in, they have a much better chance of making their dreams a reality and becoming who they want to be.” said Carmony.

The commissioning ceremony was organized by CEO Howard Lawrence-Brown and his team. IGSM-K designed and built the two houses and donated the administration office to BRCC. IGSM-K also donated food for the day and gifts for the children.

Chief Peter Kiragu, Assistant District Officer Joyce Akinyi, and Pastor Thomas Nderitu were present at the opening to bless the ceremony. Faith Wanjiru Thumbi, a graduate of the orphanage now studying at Nairobi University provided a message to the children “Put your mind to your studies and you can achieve whatever you desire, as I have done.” This was an inspiration to the children.

Jan Carmony opened the day by cutting the tape, followed by a tour of the premises, and a tree planting ceremony in honour of Jan Carmony’s Mom, Jan herself and some donors.


IGSM-K manufactures Compressed Agricultural Fiber (CAF) Panels to make IGStructures for houses, schools and healthcare facilities and the internal walls of high rise buildings. IGS is headquartered in Stevensville, MD, manufactures and exports from IGS Manufacturing Kenya located in Thika, Kenya and Whitewright, Texas. Learn more: www.IGStructures.com


Learn more about Geoffrey Kiiru and BRCC. Dedicated to education, the development of talent and life skills through sports and making a difference in the lives and families of those less fortunate in and around the slums of Kenya. Learn more or help Big Rhino Children’s Community: bigrhinochildrenscommunity@gmail.com



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