Resilient Benefits of CAF Panels

SUSTAINABILITY: Using renewable raw materials produce negative carbon footprint, creates local jobs, green building product

SPEED: Pre-engineered framing system provides quick, easy install and assembly for significantly faster build on site in DAYS, not months means $calability

QUALITY: State of Art Manufacturing, natural thermal, sound reducing and fire resistant properties, culturally adaptable

AFFORDABILITY: Less expensive than block when manufactured in country, no waste assembly site and locally sourced secondary market supplies

How does the manufacturing process work?

At the heart of our manufacturing facility is a specialized machine nearly the length of a football field. Large straw bales are placed on the machine’s conveyor, broken apart, screened to remove debris and short strands, then dropped down a chute before being compressed under extreme heat and pressure into a rigid board which is finally wrapped in heavy duty organic paper and cut to project-specific lengths.

The end result, CAF Panels, is a completely organic product with no added formaldehyde or VOC’s that can replace traditional building materials such as fiberglass insulation, gypsum board, medium density fiberboard, particle board, and sound-proofing panels.

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